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Husky Trekking

Husky Trekking:

Enjoy the adventure of a trekking with your own sled dog.

For summer activities we will meet in the Lonquimay district at the Husky Point location, from here we will start the Husky Trekking. After the activity we will return to Husky Point. If necessary, transportation can be requested to Victoria or Temuco but at an additional cost. Then we will head to our farm to do the activity with the sled dogs, which lasts approximately 5 hours approximately.

To conclude the activity, we will say goodbye to the sled dogs and will leave the passengers to the place where they went to look for them, or a place closer to be agreed by the passengers.

It includes:



Kit for the good development of the activity.


5 hours approximately.

Price: $39.990 CLP per person.

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